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Clever Creative: A Flight of Fantasy

​Who hasn’t thought about what they would do if they won Powerball? And who hasn’t seen an armored car and thought about the possibilities?

Clever Creative: A Flight of Fantasy

Posted Wednesday March 07th, 2018 by in Creativity + Art.

Who hasn’t thought about what they would do if they won Powerball? And who hasn’t seen an armored car and thought about the possibilities? (We’ll leave these up to your imagination while we specifically state that we do not condone illegal acts.) In this highly-relatable ad for Lotto New Zealand by DDB NZ, “Armored Truck,” viewers get to along for the ride with drivers who are living the fantasy, albeit not mutually willing. Check it out:

Authenticity: Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Before we get to the heart of the ad, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the relationship between the two drivers. Is it just us or did you feel as if you were really watching a day in the life of hard-working colleagues who seem to have a genuine friendship? And when they talk about what they’d do with the money, their yearning is almost tangible. As is the passenger’s anxiety when his partner flies off course. We won’t spoil the end in case you haven’t watched the video yet, but once you do, let us know how it made you feel. Did you have the same sense of relief and legitimate happiness that we did? If so, that’s really good storytelling.

Why is authenticity so important for this campaign?

Let’s face it; playing the lottery is really for someone with disposable income because the odds of winning are … well, you know. That said, pretty much everyone has daydreamed about the big jackpot and what they would do. Here Lotto NZ is not only playing into that wishful emotion, it is also conveying the idea that these dreams can come true because we all deserve it. Even you.

At GEM we firmly believe that an authentic brand experience makes for the most impactful strategy, and in that respect, “Armored Truck” checks off all the right boxes. As for how the GEMites feel about Powerball, we’ll just leave this link here.

Does this ad make you want to run out for a Powerball ticket? Let us know in the comments on our social media pages!

If you’re looking for some clever creative of your own, feel free to contact us, and be on the lookout for next week’s instalment of Clever Creative!


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