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Clever Creative: Big Support for Small Businesses

Half of what is sold on Amazon comes from small-to-medium-sized businesses. Now, Amazon wants to remind their customers of that very fact.

Clever Creative: Big Support for Small Businesses

Posted Wednesday October 17th, 2018 in Creativity + Art.

In recent years, Amazon has become a widely successful global company that many people rely on. The company is seen as this large, untouchable corporation and is held in such high-esteem that people often forget where their products come from. Half of what is sold on Amazon comes from small-to-medium-sized businesses. Now, Amazon wants to remind their customers of that very fact. See what we mean:

The Common Misconception

We have all purchased something on Amazon at one point or another. Whether you needed a book, soap, pet food or just about anything else your mind can conjure up, Amazon has been there for you. Some people even rely on Amazon for groceries to save themselves a trip to the store. However, we rarely stop and take the time to consider where the products that we are purchasing are coming from. In the minds of many shoppers, products are simply coming from Amazon, which leads to the common misconception that Amazon negatively impacts small businesses.

As a company, Amazon has always been tuned in to what their vast target audience needs. That’s part of the reason they’ve been so successful. It also means that they are well aware of the misconception and want to set the record straight. Rather than telling people why Amazon is great for small businesses, in this creative spot, they show it through Little Flower Soap Co.’s story.

Support Small

The support from large corporations such as Amazon is often a driving force behind the success of small businesses. The song playing in the ad, “Let’s Work Together” by Canned Heat, shows that Amazon wants to help support small businesses rather than work against them. The ad also shows the various modes of transportation, including scooters, trains and boats, that are sometimes needed to deliver products. These sorts of things can be costly for small businesses, but Amazon helps them save on these costs. Even the title of the ad, ‘A Big Collection of Small’, shows that Amazon is in support of small businesses by implying that they offer a large selection of products created by small businesses.

Start Small, Dream Big

Amazon has grown so large so fast that we often forget that it was just a small startup at one point too. Started in the garage of Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO) Amazon was a completely foreign entity to the world that rapidly gained popularity. Selling the products of small businesses can be viewed as Amazon giving back to those who are in the position that they were once in. This ad does a good job of reminding people of the company’s humble beginning and showing how much they care about and how important small businesses are to them.

Written by Madison Borden during her Fall 2018 internship at GEM Advertising.


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