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Alphabet Soup: G is for Growth

Everything must change. The young become the old. The journey of our lives will unfold.

Alphabet Soup: G is for Growth

Posted Thursday August 13th, 2015 by in Creativity + Art.

Everything must change. The young become the old. The journey of our lives will unfold. As the cold winter drifts away, the winds of change are heading our way. The arrival of spring reminds us each year of the newness and freshness of new growth. It is a time when our senses are filled with the sights of blossoming bushes and the bursting colors of spring bulbs. The fresh scents of all this new growth. The sounds and songs of birds returns again. The annual cycle comes around once more.

Our lives are busy, filled with so many daily distractions. We live in a world of endless information and complexity. Children are born into a world where they are taken care of constantly. Their physical growth happens before our very eyes. Turn around for a moment, and they are all grown up it seems. They have become young adults, growing ever so swiftly towards adulthood. Just as a planted garden springs suddenly skyward from the ground below.

We emerge as adults, perhaps facing the world for the first time. What should I do? Where should I go? How do I find my purpose? Do I fit in?

We should do what we love. Paying attention to all the signs along the way is key. Discover your passions! Unlock your talents! Share the most unique gifts you own with the world. You are the only “you ” there will ever be. A unique and special being filled with unlimited potential. The power of you.

So, go where your heart goes, sharing all you know about life, about love, and about yourself!

The beauty of you fits in perfectly against the clear blue sky. Take that leap. Open up your wings and fly. Fly!


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