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6 Key Elements of a Successful Social Media Campaign

​Love it or hate it, no matter what your brand is, it now needs a social media presence.

6 Key Elements of a Successful Social Media Campaign

Posted Friday August 05th, 2016 by in Analysis + Strategy.

Love it or hate it, in today’s world, no matter what your brand is, it needs a social media presence. That is not to say that all you need for a successful social marketing campaign is to join a few sites and hope for the best. Quite the contrary, social media success depends on a well-thought-out and executed strategy, which can be created with an understanding of these basic social networking directives.

  1. Go where your audience is. Do some research to find out which social media platforms your potential interact with most? The most popular sites for marketing are Facebook, Instagram (especially for visual brands) and Twitter.
  2. Be searchable through an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. To learn more about how SEO works, visit our blog: “The Secrets Behind Search Engine Algorithms.”
  3. Build relationships with your audience by posting valuable information. To do this, you must consistently publish content. But not just any content. You’ll want your posts to create a jumping off point for engaging with your audience, so research what is important to your potential buyers and engage them in conversations about it. And always remember that even though we advise you to post frequently: quality over quantity is always the rule. The Social Media Examiner offers fantastic tips for creating engaging content.
  4. Respond to people who reach out to you through social media. First, it is the polite thing to do. Second, the whole point of posting on these platforms is to engage with your consumers. Social media allows you to create relationships with your customers and it will be that relationship that will greatly influence their ultimate purchasing choice. Make sure that you are listening to what your “followers” are telling you and always be professional in your response. For more on this topic, visit our blogs “Why Brands Need to Talk with Their Audience” and “How Social Media Marketing is Just Like Live Networking.”
  5. Consider paid advertising. A recent article on Social Media today titled, “New Research Reveals Paid Social Media Effectiveness,” breaks down the pros and cons of using paid advertising. In our own blog, “Why Pay for Facebook Advertising,” we look at the specific advantages of using paid ads on Facebook.
  6. Measure your results. One of the greatest things about social media is that through the use of analytic programs (often provided by the site itself), you can put numbers on your engagement. These programs will help you reach your target audience and then determine whether or not you are actually reaching them. With that data, you can reevaluate and adjust your social media strategy so that you begin, or continue, to achieve the desired results.

Today, buyers aren’t just buying products, they are buying brands, which means that now, more than ever, people are paying attention to the messages your company is putting out. In other words, instead of just considering your actual product, buyers are more aware of, and care more about, the qualities associated with your company. Social media is one of the most effective ways of really getting your company vision and mission out there. But if you still aren’t sure if social media is right for your company, check out the current trends in the medium on Social Media Today.

Then once you realize that you really do need an outstanding online presence, reach out to us at GEM and see what our award-winning social media department can do for you.


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