GEM Team: Gary Doyens

Gary Doyens

Media at GEM Director of Media Planning

Gary Doyens is the Director of Media Planning at GEM. He is responsible for planning the mix and depth of both traditional and digital media components to ensure the proper demographic and ethnographic reach. Gary has more than 30 years of experience in all things media, beginning as a newspaper and broadcast journalist before migrating to sales, marketing and program development across the United States. He has been the general and local sales manager at ABC, CBS and WB, and has worked as a senior account manager at Connecticut Public Broadcasting.

One of Gary’s passions is news - from local to national, and points around the globe. He loves to travel, read and support non-profit causes in which he believes. Along with his wife, Jocelyn Maminta, Gary is co-founder of Caroline’s Room, a non-profit that builds elegant, calming family rooms in the neo- natal intensive care units of hospitals around the country, including two in Connecticut. In addition, Gary serves as Chairman of the Board for March of Dimes Connecticut.

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