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​Clever Creative: Painting a Vivid Picture

How do you advertise paint? You could show people putting it on their walls or, you can be like Sherwin-Williams ...

​Clever Creative: Painting a Vivid Picture

Posted Wednesday April 19th, 2017 by in Analysis + Strategy.

How do you advertise paint? You could show people putting it on their walls in a DIY home renovation effort to demonstrate how simple it is to apply. You could show kids drawing on walls, hitting them with objects or making scuffs on them to show how durable it is. Or, you can be like Sherwin-Williams in today’s “Clever Creative” and squeeze paint into water and have a fancy robot arm film it with a high-speed camera. Check out how this simple store is painting a vivid picture of its products:

Here’s the behind-the-scenes video, where you can see how these creatives pulled it off:

Why our GEMites liked this Clever Creative:

In a world that’s filled with CGI aliens, mythical creatures and non-existent worlds, it’s rare to see a piece of cinematography like the Sherwin-Williams ad that was done the old-fashion way (if you’d call a robot arm that shoots footage at 900 to 4,000 frames per second old fashion). We love this ad because they used their brand of paint, Emerald, and the natural way it moves in water to create their message.

When you first watch the ad, you might think it was created in some design studio. But after watching behind the scenes and the ad again, you realize it was done organically. They did it on a set with assistants squeezing paint into a tub of water and a high-tech camera – no CGI whatsoever, which is what makes the ad even better. We love that they took a slightly more difficult route to get the finished product they were looking for, and we think that decision will definitely pay off.

Why our fellow creatives should like this:

There’s no denying that this ad is beautiful. The different plumes that are created and the clashing of contrasting colors make it a piece of art, but it also perfectly promotes the Sherwin-Williams product. The goal of this ad is to display the exquisite and vibrant colors of their Emerald line of paints, which was abundantly clear with this stunt. When you watch this ad, the first thing you think is, “Wow, look at those colors and how vivid they are.” We think our fellow creatives should like the fact that Sherwin-Williams made their point obvious, but did it in a unique way.

Sherwin-Williams broke the mold of how to advertise paint. Most ads in that industry are as boring as watching paint dry (sorry we had to) because they just slap their paint on the wall and film it. However, Sherwin-Williams decided to take a different approach that more successfully showcases the product’s features. This new Sherwin-Williams ad is unique, beautiful and paints a vivid picture of what other paint companies are doing wrong.

Let us know what you think, and be on the lookout for next week’s installment of Clever Creative!

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