GEM Team: Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo

Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo

Media at GEM Director of Hispanic/Latino Markets

Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo is the Director of Hispanic/Latino Markets at GEM Advertising. She is also Director and owner of Spanish on the GreenTM, a division of Employment Resource Team LLC. Born in Panama City, Panama, Natalia lived and worked in Spain for many years, as well as the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Italy. She has global experience consulting for companies and individuals in implementing the perfect fit for the Hispanic/Latino markets worldwide.

She is bilingual, Spanish and English, and is well versed on the cultural nuances of the Spanish-speaking communities, locally and internationally, from a marketing and advertising standpoint. Natalia was awarded the "Woman of the Year" award for 2012/2013 by The National Association of Professional Women.